Have you ever gazed at your home, running through all your to do’s in your mind, analyzing through every corner and crevice, and wishing you could do it all yourself, since it is unlikely that anyone will put as much heart into the job as you?

At Matteo Renovations, we bring pure passion for home renovation projects, blending it perfectly with expertise, skills and an eye for perfection.

When you give us a project, we treat your home or commercial space with the same care and heart as we would our own. A durable, beautifully finished property, as well as your comfort and peace of mind constitute for us a job well done and a project completed.

Our team of experts offers a wide variety of services spanning from plastering, framing, refinishing, carpentry and interlocking to include work with a variety of materials including ceramic, vinyl, stone, wood, concrete and many more. We undertake both small, medium and large level projects with utmost professionalism, attention to detail and a single-minded focus on the client’s vision to achieve perfection in every corner, crevice, floor, ceiling, fence.

Our team of experts has the ability to carry out any of the services that we offer with absolute professionalism, focusing on achieving customer satisfaction. Our client’s interests are paramount.

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